I’ve been staring on this screen for 30 minutes and nothing came to my mind. I just listened to the sound of the rain while thinking, what should I write? it’s been a while since I last wrote (from my previous blog). since I was in college, writing is my thing and my first love. I was a member of our school news paper and became an editor-in-chief too.

I was an eager writer way back college days, every details of my life, my adventures and even books that I read, had always been posted in my blog. but, i lose my taste in writing and reading books when i started working. is that what you call adulting? but I’m still reading some book blogs and travel blogs hoping that someday my taste for writing will come back.

and today is the day.

I don’t know whats gotten into me, why i did start writing again. maybe, I’m inspired to those blogs that I read? or maybe I’m just too forgetful that my everyday life need to be documented? take your pick.

I deleted my post about my Dad who just passed away last February 24, 2018. I don’t want to include sadness in my blog. I only want happy thoughts. Everyone wants a happy thoughts right? so do I.

God has put me in fire, and I’m so proud of myself (When I boast, I boast in the name of the Lord) because I overcome it. ever since I was a kid, I’m an introvert child who doesn’t want other people to touch her, or even talk to her. I’m always afraid of what’s ahead and my parents leaving me alone in school. but today, I’m actually quite proud of myself because I overcome it with the help of God. I know God always put something better in me. my dad used to say “Delight yourself unto God and He will give the desires of your heart” that’s exactly what I did! and guess what? I’m an over comer!

God blesses me so much with the love of my family who always supports me, a friends that I can call whenever Im in need, a boyfriend who always supports me in everything I do, with my health and everything.

I’m so grateful with my life right now because of God 🙂

I hope you are too.